5 Card Monte (with 6 Cards) - PDF DOWNLOAD

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By Jamie Doyle

The performer shows one at time, five cards that represent ways some people use to try and get to heaven – None of the cards show the correct way. After ech card is shown the performer chooses one by process of elimination. The magician’s card is shown not to be the correct way to heaven. A volunteer is asked to eliminate all but one card. When she does, it is shown to be a picture of Jesus – where did this picture come from?

This is based on an old magic trick using playing cards. I love this trick because it’s the volunteer who gets to do the “magic” and get the right result!

Comes with:

  • A fully written routine that has been presented to dozens of audiences over the years.
  • The .pdf graphics for making the picture cards
  • Jamie's signature card -back design (that you can use for your other card effects)