Ali Bongo Growing Hat

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The Bongo Growing Hat is a classic of magic and comedy for the children's entertainer and church leader.

You reveal your latest invention, a hat for all occasions. First its a very tiny white hat that won't stay on a child's, a small blue party hat... suddenly, the hat opens up into a large yellow hat. The hat then opens out into a HUGE a red hat. And finally, it unfolds to become a MASSIVE green hat that covers the child helper's whole head! When the hat is turned around on the child, it's revealed that a humorous green monster face is now a huge mask for the child to wear!

The Ali Bongo Growing Hat is a memorable way to illustrate how bad habits form. A bad habit starts with the smallest thought and then grows to words. It becomes a bigger problem if it turns into deeds and finally, if we keep doing that bad thing, it becomes a MASSIVE bad habit, and it becomes a real monster that we feel like we have to constantly fight!

Easy to do and fun routine that kids and adults love. This packs flat so can be slipped into any case or large envelope.

Comes complete with: The Ali Bongo Growing Hat and written instructions.