Bank Force Deck - Easily Force the King of Hearts!

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As a Gospel Magician, you will end up using the play on words for the card: The King of Hearts to refer to Jesus wanting to be the King of your heart. It should stand to reason that and accomplished magician could get a spectator to choose the King of Hearts from a deck of cards!

This is a specially assembled deck of cards whereby you are able to fan thru the faces of the cards and the spectators see many different cards. Once the cards are turned over and fanned, the spectator can only choose the King of Hearts.

Each deck is assembled by hand by Jamie and his team using real, red-backed Bicycle cards!

This deck can be used with Jamie's Insurance Policy routine that uses the King of Hearts as the final reveal. Or, use it for your other favorite routines where you need to the assurance of knowing ahead of time what the spectator's card will be!

Comes with the specially prepared deck, written instructions and video instructions on how to handle the deck.