BOOK - MAGIC FOR THE KINGDOM by Edward F. Jarvis Ph.D., D.D.

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Written by Past President of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians and Veteran of the Salvation Army Leadership.

129 pages of 23 powerful Illustrated Sermons using magic that are straightforward and convey an uncompromising message. Routines include:

  • Fellowship in Prayer
  • Heaven's Grocery Store
  • A Bowl of Fruit
  • Standing in God's Smile
  • Sin in the World
  • Light After Darkness
  • A New Vision
  • A Change Can Happen
  • Treasured Relics
  • Birds
  • Habits
  • Out Damascus Road Experience
  • Are You Afraid to Serve Him?
  • Grace Greater than Our Sin
  • When We Are Tempted
  • Have Something to Say
  • Does God Really Care
  • Don't Go Away
  • Do You Really Belong?
  • Has it Happened Yet?
  • The Deck of Cards
  • Having Trouble Seeing?
  • How Can I Know the Way?

Most of the routines require magic apparatus that is easy to acquire from your favorite dealer.