Delux Locked Watch Box

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Now you can perform your very own locked box mystery with this extremely versatile professional prop that will become one of your favorites. You can used it for both close up and stage presentations.



This beautiful wooden box is a prop that enables the magician to secretly remove items from inside, or introduce to the box undetected via a secret hinged panel. The box locks with a padlock and key, for added convincing that it really is securely closed, and nothing could possibly get in or out...until you know the secret of course!

The method is simplicity itself, and easy to do.


This can be used in dozens of different presentations.

Ring/Coin/Note Appearance - Borrow a ring/coin/signed bank note from a member of the audience. Place it in an envelope and hand it to a member of the audience to look after. You reach into your bag/box and take out the padlocked Mystery Box which can be examined The envelope is opened and the ring/coin/bank note has gone! The Mystery Box is unlocked and inside is, the missing ring/coin/signed note!

Watch Appearance - Make a lady's watch vanish from a change bag and then appear in the Mystery Box with a flower! A thoughtful gesture to thanks the lady with a rose when you return her watch.

Watch Vanish - Vanish a watch from inside the locked Mystery Box, only to appear on your wrist!

Prediction Box - The Mystery Box is locked and put inside a sealed cardboard box - or paper bag. The volunteer calls out a name /number. When the box is opened a folded piece of paper is found inside which has the very same name/number written on it.

This box is big enough for use to large audiences, but also fits in a jacket pocket for walk around work or smaller shows.


A great illustration for any talk about the resurrection, when the disciples discovered the tomb was empty.

Vanish a ring from the box, using the ring to stand for God's precious promise (like a wedding ring) and eternal life (a circle is endless). 

Make a marked coin, note, bill vanish from under and handkerchief and it's found in the box that represents God's perfect Will.

  • Solid wooden box from polish teak
  • a quality prop you'll be proud to own
  • a very affordable price.
  • Easy to do, but looks like amazing impossible magic!
  • Perform on stage or close-up

This is exceptional value for money for such a durable, cleverly designed prop that creates such wonderful illusions.

You will receive: Beautifully made gimmicked teal wooden box (9x7x7 cms), padlock and keys, detailed instructions with routines and ideas for use.