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eBook & Video Set - 15 Signature Gospel Routines by Jamie Doyle - Instant Download

Looking for fresh fun gospel magic routines? In his latest eBook 'Bring It To Life', professional gospel magician, Jamie Doyle reveals the secrets of his 15 most popular routines. Each gospel routine has a scripted presentation, a step-by-step guide and  performance and instructional videos. With a total of 3+ hours of video, 'Bring It To Life' is a master class in gospel magic. 

With messages from giving to following God's call, and illusions where streamers are turned into snow and Bible's are torn up and restored, there is something that will appeal to everyone; making this an invaluable resource for any church leader children's minister and youth worker.

With 'Bring It To Life' you get:

  • 15 original professional gospel magic routines
  • 125 pages of magic
  • 3+ hours of training videos
  • Downloadable resources

Plus tips and advice from Jamie. That makes each of the 15 routines in 'Bring It To Life' a lesson at the school of gospel magic. Why wait? Order and download Bring It To Life right now!


The 15 original gospel routines in 'Bring It To Life':

  • It's Just an Illusion Opening - Fun coin trick showing that your magic is nothing more than tricks and illusions.
  • Christmas Snow - A red hanky turns into snow, illustrating how Jesus was born so that we can be forgiven.
  • Contagious Love - Hearts appear on blank pieces of paper. 
  • What Can God Use? - A streamer is produced from a borrowed £5 or $1. God can use what we give.
  • God’s Perfect Plan - Spectator's coin is found inside a nest of boxes. 'Whoever loses their life for me will find it.' Matt 16:25
  • Colour Changing Hanky - The changes that happen when we're in God's hands.
  • Get Into God’s Word and It Will Get Into You! - A picture of a heart is transformed when it's put inside a Bible.
  • Torn and Restored Bible - Picture of a Bible is torn and then restored - God's words will never pass away. Matt 24:35
  • God So Loved The World - Comedy water in Newspaper effect.
  • Wages of Sin & Eternal Life - Two magical productions of a skull & cross bones and a rainbow scarf.
  • 21st Century Silk Folder - A hanky disappears and reappears tied between two others. Jesus at the centre of our lives.
  • Jesus Grew Up Too - A giant pencil is pulled out of a small bag. Story of young Jesus at the Temple Luke 2:41-52
  • What Has Captured Your Heart? - A large silk bank note turns into a silk heart. Treasures in heaven Matt 6:19-21 
  • Mothers’ Day Necklace - A necklace vanishes and appears. What our mothers teach us. Proverbs 1:7-9
  • Yes Lord I Will Go - Answering God's call. Uses the Magic Arrow Sign & Silk Thru Mirror props.

This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD eBook. Order now, and discover wonderful new gospel magic routines you'll love and use.