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eBook & Video Set - 14 Original Gospel Routines by Jamie Doyle - Instant Download

Looking for fresh, fun and clever gospel magic routines with an unforgettable biblical message? Jamie Doyle's 'Tricky Messages for Kids' series is a must-have. Tricky Messages for Kids #3 is the third eBook in the series with 14 of Jamie's signature gospel magic routines. This eBook comes with:

  • 96 minutes of instructional and performance videos.
  • 104 pages of magic.
  • 14 scripted presentations
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • Printable artwork.
  • Biblical references.
  • Bonus material to improve your skills in the art of Gospel illusion.

This eBook is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF with links to 96 minutes of videos and dozens of downloadable resources. Everything is aimed at the beginner. All that's need is a little practice and showmanship!

Tricky Messages for Kids #3 contains 14 original gospel magic routines, each with a scripted presentation and instructional video: 

  • Beautiful Are The Feet - Share the Good News - Silk hankies blend into a silk streamer inside a sock.
  • Beautiful Are The Christmas Feet - Silk hankies blend into a silk streamer inside a large Christmas stocking.
  • Don’t Let Anger Overcome You - Two large banners magically change places.
  • Jesus’ Kids Can Be Obedient - Shuffled cards magically become match pairs of parents instructions.
  • He Took My Place - Two signs Punishment and Righteousness magically change places.
  • Love Letter From God - A letter changes into a Bible.  
  • Go Against the Flow - The selected card magically reverses itself in the deck.
  • Jesus Is The Only Way - Four of five envelopes are eliminated. In the last is the right way to heaven.
  • Every Child is Important to God - Two ropes magically stretch and become one long rope. 
  • Set Free from Sin - A ring magically escapes off a rope. 
  • Jesus is the King of Kings - You prediction which one of four Kings will be picked. Card trick. 
  • The Trinity - Three sponge balls become one large sponge ball.
  • Pick Today's Topic - Volunteer free choice of topic matches your prediction in the envelope. 
  • God Restores the Broken Heart - Cut and restored string.

This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD eBook. Order now, and discover wonderful new gospel magic routines you'll love and use.