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eBook & Video Set - 14 Original Gospel Routines by Jamie Doyle - Instant Download

Looking for fresh, fun and clever gospel magic routines with an unforgettable biblical message? Jamie Doyle's 'Tricky Messages for Kids' series is a must-have. Tricky Messages for Kids #4 is the fourth eBook in the series with 14 of Jamie's signature gospel magic routines. The eBook comes with:

  • 120 minutes of instructional and performance videos.
  • 104 pages of magic.
  • 14 scripted presentations
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • Printable artwork.
  • Biblical references.
  • Bonus material to improve your skills in the art of Gospel illusion.

This eBook is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF with links to 2 hours of videos and dozens of downloadable resources. Everything is aimed at the beginner. All that's need is a little practice and showmanship!

Tricky Messages for Kids #4 contains 14 original gospel magic routines, each with a scripted presentation and instructional video:  

  • 3 Ways to Pay Attention to God - 3 small feathered rings blend into one large multi-coloured ring.
  • God's Purposes - four silk hankies blend into one large multicoloured silk.
  • Come Close to God - 2 silk hankies are magically knotted together.
  • Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late - Against the odds, your volunteer the envelope with the right message inside it.
  • Find the Real Treasure - Torn and restored treasure map with an appearing coin.
  • From Death to Life - A skeleton turns into a huge bouquet of flowers. Uses a prop called a Botania.
  • God Knew You Before You Were Born - Uses the 'Sketch-O-Matic' prop to magically create a face.
  • Love Covers Many Sins - Spotted hanky becomes pure white. Uses the Indian Sweet Vase prop.
  • Stop Sin Coming In - Skull & Cross bones flag disappears. Uses a Silk Cabby prop.
  • Speck and Plank - An 8 foot pole is pulled from a small bag. Use Appearing Pole prop.
  • Standing Up Under Pressure - A glass full of stones balances on top of a picture card.
  • Word of God is the Sharpest Sword - Balloons popped with a balloon sword!
  • The Story of Bitterness - The Book of Bitterness changes into a banner spelling Forgiveness.
  • Broken Heart Frame - A large picture of a broken heart is magically made whole.

This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD eBook. Order now, and discover wonderful new gospel magic routines you'll love and use.