Egg Nest - Easily Illustrate Many Messages!

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Ian Adair's Egg Nest is a routine of chance where you control the final choice. 

The impact on the audience is tremendous, as everyone likes the opportunity to win something for free. The props are eye catching and colorful, and the handling is so simple that anyone can do this immediately on reading the instructions.

Use this to illustrate ANY biblical message. All you need is to match what is inside one or more eggs to your message. 

And it's not just for the kids. Use just the eggs or the bag to create serious mind blowing mentalism effects. We show you how. That's why we call this Egg Nest PLUS. We've thrown in a lot of our own extra ideas so you can get the most out of these props.

Perfect for gospel magic lessons in school assemblies, church services, youth groups and parties. 

Probably the best value magic trick we carry.


The performer explains that inside one egg there is a $20 bill while the others have nothing in them. Four spectators now freely select an egg each. The last egg left is left for the performer. Everyone can see there is no force, false count, multiple choice, or any funny business. The spectator just dips his hand into the bag, which you can see right through, and pulls out an egg.

The four spectator's eggs are 'cracked open' to reveal nothing inside. When the performer's egg is opened, it is found to contain the $20!

That is one possible presentation, and you could have anything in the eggs you fancied from a ring to a chocolate coin.


What's inside the chosen egg?


Use Egg Nest to illustrate ANY message. All you need is to match what is inside each egg to your message.  Any small object, printed verses, biblical names, pictures, sweets, a ring, a stone, coins. If it fits inside you can work it into your illustration.

Here are 3 suggestions to get you started:

- Easter Surprise - this effect with it's colorful eggs are perfect for Easter. The 4 empty eggs remind us of the tomb. The final egg has a toy fluffy chick inside reminding us of new life and the resurrection.

- Harvest Eggs - Each egg contains a different berry or nut reminding us of the wide variety of good foods in God's world. The last egg has a Biblical verse such as 'The earth has yielded its produce; God, our God, blesses us.' Psalm 67:6

- Choices We Make - Life is all about making the right choices. Have 4 eggs selected and discarded. Inside each is an example of a bad attitude or life choices. Anger, gossip, junk food diet etc. The last egg contains a verse, for example 'What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.' Micah 6:8


We share a closely guarded secret that allows you to perform this without the bag. Pop the eggs into your pocket (or an egg box) and you're ready for some astonishing mind magic with an adult audience.


The bag is specially gimmicked, allowing you to force / control the spectators choices. But why stop at eggs? Put playing cards, printed bible verse, pictures, photos, marbles, candy, scrabble tiles, keys, jigsaw puzzle pieces or numbers to create a wide variety of magical effects. We include extra notes full of ideas for extra effects using this bag.

For example:

- Key Choice - The bag is full of different keys. A spectator picks the only one that fits the lock.

- Make a Note - The bag is full of different folded £5 notes. A spectator picks one out and the performer mind reads the serial number

- My Word - A spectator picks out 3 scrabble tiles that match the 3 letter word that the performer has predicted.


Kids workers will prefer the children to be the winners rather than the performer. So allow the children to each find a sweet inside their eggs, whilst yours contains a wiggly toy worm! You can refer to the different colored eggs as Easter Eggs or belonging to different bird - pink egg for a flamingo, green egg for a pirates parrot. Inter-change the colors for the top and bottom halves, for example pink top with blue bottom, and your eggs will be even more colorful, specially for children's shows.

  • Self working magic that any one can perform - ideal for those new to Gospel magic
  • Colorful eye catching eggs that make this fun for audiences
  • Very deceptive effect making you look like a professional magician

Grab one of these for yourself. This is eggsactly the flexible go-to-trick you'll use again and again. One of the best deals in magic.

Comes complete with: 5 different colored eggs which unscrew in halves, and a special net bag with written instructions by Ian Adair.