Eternal Rings - Junior Size

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A volunteer counts out 4 woollen rings in different colours and drops them into a bag. When they pull them back out they're amazed to find that the rings have linked into a multicoloured chain. The magician is as surprised as the volunteer. How did that happen!


Back into the bag the bag they go. This time they come out as a long single multi-colored loop - the Eternal Circle! Whoa. Clearly your volunteer has magic fingers!



Paul designed this effect to illustrate how we are part of a long chain of witnesses to the work of God. This Eternal Circle reminds us that we are joined with God and all believers in one eternal circle of love and the promise of eternal life in heaven.

Comes complete with: 4 colored woolen rings , a chain of 4 rings, 1 large multi-colored loop and written instructions with a gospel presentation.

Use your favorite change bag.