Favorite Christmas Routines - ebook & digital video combo

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Over 60 pages contain 9 of Jamie's signature routines from his popular 4 book series, Tricky Messages for Kids, his recent book, Bring It To Life and from several other previously published sources!

Many of the routines include digital resources like performance demonstration videos, explanation videos and/or graphics for the DIY routines.

Routines include:

  • The Christmas Card Monte: A five (or six) jumbo card trick. (DIY)
  • Christmas Restoration: A glass Christmas  bulb is smashed and later, restored! (DIY)
  • Beautiful Are the Christmas Feet: A silk blend-o that happens in a Christmas stocking. (A Silk Ball or Hank Ball is needed)
  • Christmas Snow: Make snow appear where a red handkerchief used to be! (A Popcorn Dye Box is needed)
  • God's Perfect Plan: A marked coin vanishes and ends up in a nest of gift boxes. (A Coin Vanish Cloth is Suggested)
  • God So Loved the World: An impossible demonstration of liquid to newspaper! (Comedy Glass in Newspaper is needed)
  • You Will Make the Right Choice: Your spectator has a free choice of any gift bag and wins the prize no matter her choice! (DIY)
  • What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?: Your volunteer eliminates all but one framed image and it's not what he expects it to be! (DIY)

Keep in mind: some of these routines appear in some of Jamie's previously published books. Some of these routines require some standard magic props.