From Punishment to Reward - Individual Lesson Download

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Main Point:
Jesus took our place of punishment so we can receive the reward of everlasting life.

Scripture Reference:
“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
— Romans 6:23

What the Audience Sees:
The magician shows 2 large strips of paper. The first has the Words: “JESUS” and “REWARD” printed on it. The second has the words: “YOU & ME” and “PUNISHMENT” printed on it. The papers are used to discuss how Jesus has a great reward called Heaven and how “You and Me” have to face judgment. The papers are then cut in half and when they are displayed again, the words have switched places - now the words: “JESUS” and “PUNISHMENT” are on the same slip of paper while “YOU & ME” and “REWARD” are on the other slip of paper. Jesus took our punishment so we could have His reward.

Included in the digital download:

  • .pdf printed instructions with a Gospel application
  • Video presentation demonstration
  • Video instructions for learning how to do the routine
  • Artwork to make your own Punishment/You & Me and Reward/Jesus Papers

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