Master Class: Getting Into Thumb Tips - DIGITAL VIDEO DOWNLOAD

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One of the most power tool any Gospel Magician can have!

Using this simple tool, Jamie spends an hour as he presents AND explains each routine and technique in detail!

Included in this hour long video download:

  • Pay Attention Routine
  • Basic Thumb Tip Handling
  • Basic Thumb Tip  Silk Vanish
  • Basic Thumb Tip Silk Production
  • Explaining an Illusion Routine
  • The Color of Sin Routine
  • Thumb Tip Blend-o Routines
  • God Wants You to Grow Routine
  • What Can God Use? Routine
  • Cut and Restored Hanky Routine
  • Cut and Restored Rope Routine
  • Don't Let Money Steal Your Joy Routine
  • Thumb Thru Silk Bonus Idea

THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - it will be available to you when you make the purchase.