Bad News, Good News - Jesus Heals the Broken Hearted - Pocket Sized Magical Message

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This gospel pocket trick by Jamie Doyle packs a real punch. 

The performer opens their wallet to show two images inside, one is a broken heart and the other represents Jesus.  The wallet is closed, put into a clear plastic bag and given to a spectator to hold. The performer discusses the bad news of a heart broken by sin, and the good news that Jesus came to heal and save.

The wallet is taken out of the bag and opened. To everyone's surprise, both images have changed. The broken heart is now healed, and Jesus is hung on a cross. The performed explains that Jesus' death and resurrection brings healing to the broken-hearted. Now that is good news.

Practically self-working, this powerful piece of evangelism comes with a fully scripted presentation. Use in one-to-one evangelism or as a presentation to any group. The cards are colorful enough for everyone to see the effect and understand the message.

Slip this wallet into your pocket, and you'll be ready to share a life-changing message whenever the opportunity arises.

Comes complete with a plastic light weight wallet (that does all the work), four specially printed poker-sized cards, small plastic bag and written instructions with scripted presentation.