The Insurance of Assurance Policy - Comedy Routine - We All Need Some Assurance

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Insurance of Assurance is the fun gospel comedy routine from Jamie Doyle. Easy to do and ready to go, the fun way to communicate the assurance that having Jesus as the King of our hearts brings.

The audience is shown the performer's insurance policy, which GUARANTEES that no matter what happen the card trick will work. With that assurance, a spectator is asked to select a card and returns it to the deck. The trouble starts when the performer attempts to find the card. 'Is this your card?' 'No!' 'Is THIS your card?' 'No!'

Well, this is what the policy is for! The insurance policy is opened and reveals...a picture of Jesus. 'Were you thinking of Jesus?' 'No!' 'Surely he's the answer to every one of life's question! Ah, but you were thinking of...the King of Hearts!' and the policy opens up into a large poster of the spectator's card - the King of Hearts. 'And if Jesus is the King of your heart, you too have the assurance of the correct result!'

This is an easy-to-do and ready-to-go comedy routine that packs flat and plays BIG! Ideal for stage shows, older children's parties, church services and more.

Today, put your money on the funny and order Jamie's fun gospel routine.

Comes complete with the Insurance of Assurance Policy, plastic document sleeve, written instructions with an online video tutorial.

Use with any deck of cards or consider Jamie's Bank Forcing Deck which makes forcing the King of Hearts easier than you can imagine!