Jesus Kids Can Be Obedient - Card Match

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A parent and a child are invited to help - each standing at opposite sides of a table. The illusionist separates a pack of large flash cards that have been shuffled into 2 piles; each is placed next to either the child or the parent. The sentence “Jesus’ Kids Can Be Obedient” is spelled  by shuffling each stack of cards.

As each word of the sentence is spelled, the volunteers decides which packet of cards to shuffle by moving a card from the top of the packet to the bottom every time a letter of the word is said aloud - the volunteers can even tell you when to switch packets in the middle of a word as many or as few times as they want!

After each word of the sentence is spelled, the top card from each packet is picked up and paired together.  The cards all have requests that a parent would make of a child (Clean Your Room, Do Your Homework, Go To Bed, etc).

The application is that if a parent would make a request then a child of God would be obedient. Show each of the pairs... THE CARDS WILL MATCH!!!

Comes with cards and detailed instructions.