King of Hearts Silk - 18 inch - A Must Have for Gospel Magicians

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No Gospel Magician should be without a King of Hearts Silk - After all, Jesus is to the be the King of Your Heart!

This elegant King of Hearts 100% silk by GOSH is perfect for all kinds of magic routines; from stage performances to close-up illusions. 

Use the King of Hearts silk by itself as a reveal for any card trick, or a dramatic flourish at the end of a message. 

Keep it in your breast pocket and pull it out to reveal their chosen card, or throw the cards into a change bag and have the volunteer pull out a silk! 

Force the King of Hearts card using your favorite method. Place a white silk into a changing device and have the spectator concentrate on their card. Reach into the bag and remove the King of Hearts Silk! 

Because the silk compresses small, you could produce the silk from inside a card box. 

Easy to link to almost any biblical message.

  • Packs small plays BIG!
  • A big bright reveal for any card routine
  • Can be used in countless ways
  • Top quality 100% Chinese silk, bright and colorful

Comes complete with: one beautiful 18-inch GOSH King of Hearts Silk.