Multi- Color Rope Link - Red, White & Blue.

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Three ropes magically link to form a single eternal circle. Ideal magic for a beginner and a proven classic for professional magicians.

Perfect for school assemblies, church services, youth groups, events and kids parties.


The magician displays three ropes – one red, one white and one blue. The ropes are tied together, into three separate loops. These loops are thrown up in the air and – WOW – they transform into one large tri-colored rope!

Presentation Ideas

Given how quick and colorful this effect is, it would make a flashy opener to a children’s show in particular, perhaps set to music. This would help establish that you are the magician, and that you can do unexpected things!

You could talk about the colors and add some comedy by getting them wrong, miscalling their name or asking the children for them and mishearing.

With the Red, White and Blue, you could easily go into a Patriotic theme!

Gospel Ideas

You can use this trick to illustrate the idea of the Trinity – with each rope representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. You can discuss the three persons and ask the audience which they think is the most important one. Of course, they are all equally important and they all come together... (at this point you throw the ropes into the air and they transform)

With a full circle now, you can explain how God’s love is eternal!

Ideal for illustrating any 3 sermon points e.g. Faith, Hope & Love (1 Cor 13:13).  

  • Bright and colorful
  • Visual magic that’s easy to do
  • Deluxe thick cotton ropes
  • A great opener
  • An ideal way to teach about the Holy Trinity

Comes complete with: 3 lengths of colored rope, red, white and blue. Instructions for use.