Red Change Bag - Repeat & Zipper - Must Have Utility Prop

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The change bag must be the greatest utility device ever! Put an item inside the bag, then turn it inside out - VANISHED! Turn the bag inside out again - APPEARANCE! Use the Change Bag with any object that fits into the bag Producing! Vanishing! Changing! 
Even better it has two pockets with two levers - allowing you to make two changes!
As a bonus this bag comes with a zipper that allows you to push your hand out the bottom of the bag to 'prove' that it is empty! 
This classic style change bag is remarkably well made: Solid varnished wood handle, red velvet fabric bag, black slick nylon inner lining.
It's a good sized bag. The mouth is 4 1/2 inches across, the bag is 11 inches deep and 11 inches wide at the bottom. Large enough for anything you care to put in!
It's the only change bag you'll ever need and a prop you'll be proud to own.
BONUS: You will also receive one of the best Change Bag booklets we've seen. The full color photo instructions show you how to use the bag and go on to give you over a dozen ideas for tricks using the change bag.
You will receive: 
  • The red velvet REPEAT ZIPPERED change bag
  • Full- color instruction booklet with over a dozen tricks.