Stiff Rope

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You coil it in your hands, let it swing and finally stretch the rope between your two hands, horizontally. The rope remains in the same position, rigid like a stick. You can now blow on the rope, and it falls down limp once again. The rope can also be held in the center and it is possible to make the rope stand almost in a vertical position. 

  • Perform the effect within a minute of opening the pack
  • Great fun with a volunteer
  • Entertains even the largest of crowds
  • Can be performed completely surrounded - inside and out - ideal for walk around

Pro Tip: Use as comedy prop or combine as part of a longer rope routine.

Gospel Presentation:

- Stiff Necked Illustrate how stubborn and stiff necked people can be with God and with others. But we're not made to be that way.

- Jesus' Power over Nature Illustrate how Jesus' miracles broke the laws of physics - as this rope appears to break the laws of gravity.

- The Bridge Use it's ability to go stiff horizontally to talk about how Jesus has bridged the gap between man and God and cleaned away our sins.

Easy to do magic with a great quality prop.

You will receive: one THICK WHITE stiff rope, 3 feet long, and written instructions.