The Power of Forgiveness - Soapy Suds (AKA Soft Soap)

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The magician shows a box of washing detergent along with three dirty handkerchiefs. The dirty handkerchiefs are placed into the box. When the magician turns the box upside down and removes the handkerchiefs they are pulled out clean. After talking about sin and forgiveness the magician takes the box and tears it to pieces or opens it out flat, proving that the handkerchiefs are not inside.

It's a great way to illustrate 1st John 1:9

The trick includes:

  • Several boxes so that it may be performed multiple times
  • 3 printed handkerchiefs with various stains
  • 2 clean white handkerchiefs
  • 1 gimmicked handkerchief
  • Complete printed instructions by Empire magic
  • Compete printed Gospel script written by Jamie Doyle