Three Color Prediction - PDF DOWNLOAD

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By Jamie Doyle
With 2 Applications:
  • God Knows What Decisions You Will Make
  • You Can Know The Future

The magician or teacher shows three jumbo cards, each bearing a different color circle. The magician or teacher then proceeds to display the cards, each on it's own music stand across the front of the presentation area or classroom. A volunteer is asked to make a choice of any color. She can change her mind if she chooses. Once the choice is made final, the magician or teacher reveals a prediction was made earlier. The prediction is correct!

This is a multiple-out-type of effect and comes with the fully-written routine that has been presented in front of dozens of audiences over the years. You also get:

  • The .pdf graphics of the colored circles
  • Jamie's signature card-back design (that can be used for your other card effects)
  • The multiple out signs
  • Instructions for making the the routine.