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The thumb tip is a classic of close-up magic but, most often, is used for the simple vanish of a silk handkerchief. Now you can actually turn four separate silks (red, yellow, green and blue) into one solid square, showing each quarter a different color!

Blendo silk effects are usually visual, colourful and fun – and this is no exception. The magic happens ‘in your hands’!

Lesson Ideas:

This is ideal for any message which has four points. Perfect to demonstrate the importance of team work, the different gifts we have or God's different characteristics. If possible use the colours to represent each point e.g. green can represent greed, envy or growth. Red can represent anger or Jesus shed blood. Yellow/Gold for cowardice, crowns, wealth or value. Blue for sadness, water, baptism or blue sky thinking.

Bonus Idea:

Have a second thumb tip hidden in your pocket, secretly preloaded with one of our thumb tip rainbow streamers (sold separately)  After the blendo effect, make the secret-switch and produce a large rainbow streamer...the longer the better! A perfect Gospel presentation for Joseph's coat, as you say 'But it wasn't a coat of four was a coat of many colors!' Or alternatively, the rainbow can be God’s promise to the world.

  • Handy pocket-sized effect
  • All the fun of a blendo AND close-up or from a stage.
  • Bright and colorful props
  • Eliminates the needs for a change bag or other visible prop for switching

Great quality - these  are 100% silk

Comes complete with: 4 x separate colored silks, 4-color finished blendo silk, thumb tip gimmick, instructions.