USED - Airborne Glass (Universal Plastic Bottle Modle) (Open Box)

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The glass floats in mid-air with this best ever classic of stage-magic!

The magician picks up a bottle of Coke (or any soft drink) and a glass. Pouring the Coke into the glass he casually lets go and the glass stays suspended in mid-air...while the drink is still pouring!

It looks impossible When the can is empty he separates the two, showing no connection!

This effect can slot into any act with the suggestion of being thirsty between tricks, so needing to briefly pause for refreshment (little do your audience realize that this is actually another trick!)

  • Looks impossible, like real magic!
  • Simple to do, virtually self-working (allowing you to concentrate on the presentation)
  • Ideal for kids shows or stage performances
  • Durable plastic glass
  • Lightweight props that won't add bulk to your suitcase or magic table
  • Bottle not included

You will receive: Specially designed glass (cut glass goblet style) and gimmick with written instructions. Works with any soft-drink bottle.

NOTE: This is an open box item. The product was opened, inspected and set aside. This has never been used in performance or in practice.