USED Magic: Ian Adair's Crown Jewel

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Used but, in LIKE-NEW Condition

This is an outstanding routine for children’s entertainers. It was conceived by Ian Adair of Supreme Magic. The props for this comprise of a cut out wooden crown with a large jewel, and a safe.

The performer states that the Queen owns a very valuable crown and in the center of it there is a priceless jewel. He further states that when the Queen is not wearing her crown she asks for the priceless jewel to be removed and placed inside the special security safe. The jewel removed from the crown and placed into the safe.Magi shows the safe by opening the first door, but it’s not there. He opens the second door and points as if it is there, but it isn’t. The priceless jewel has vanished. Then instantly the jewel appears back in the crown.The props are produced from durable wood, painted and screened in bright colors, to bring you a quality model of a novel and new routine which children’s performers will love.

The crown measures 10.5″ in length, and 6″ high, with the jewel 2.25″ in diameter. The “safe” is 6″ long, 3″ high, and 1.75″ deep. This is supplied complete with all required props, and instructions.